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Somaliweyn News in English
Today's News May 20 2007

Explosion kills 2 civilians in Mogadishu
(Read more) AP

Somalia looks to include Islamists in reconciliation (Read more) AP

Italy supports reconciliation process in Somalia: official (Read more) Xinhua

Ethiopia says 1,000 insurgents killed in Mogadishu clashes (Read more) AFP

U.S. special envoy vows to stabilize Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Pirates attack cargo ship off Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Swedish terror suspects released (Read more) AP

Italy urges ceasefire in Somalia (Read more) Reuters

Today's News May 19 2007
12 Chinese Aboard Fishing Vessel Hijacked off Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

New Special Envoy for Somalia Says Successful Reconciliation Congress Biggest Challenge (Read more) VOA

Killing of Peacekeepers in Somalia Brings Calls for Ugandan Troop Withdrawal (Read more) VOA

SOMALIA-SOUTH AFRICA: Somalis feel the heat of delivery protests (Read more) IRIN

Today's News May 18 2007
Bomb explodes near Somalia PM’s convoy (Read more) AFP

Ghana not ready to deploy troops in Somalia (Read more) GNA

U.S. envoy to Somalia appointed (Read more) Xinhua

Rice names US envoy to Somalia (Read more) AFP

Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdillahi Mohamed Dualeh answers media questions at a press conference held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Breakaway Somaliland is gaining ground in its quest for international recognition as an independent nation, the region's foreign minister said Thursday.(AFP/Jose Cendon)
Somaliland gathering support for recognition: official (Read more) AFP

Former US Official says Somalia's Situation Cries Out for a Political Solution (Read more) VOA

Today's News May 17 2007
UN Officials Pay Tribute to Peacekeepers After Four Die in Somalia (Read more) UN

Meles rules out hurried exit from Somalia (Read more) IOL

AU peacekeeper in Mogadishu
AU peacekeepers killed in Somalia (Read more) BBC

IFJ International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Calls for Action after Two More Somali Journalists Killed  (Read more) IFJ

Today's News May 16 2007
6 People Killed in Somalia Explosions (Read more) AP

Kidnapped consultants released in Somalia (Read more) Care

Ethiopian Govt to pull forces out of Somalia (Read more) ELEANOR HALL

Aid workers freed in Somalia (Read more) Reuters

Two S.Korean ships seized off Somalia  (Read more) AFP

Gunmen attack UN office in Somalia (Read more) Reuters

AU: Somalia exit "catastrophic"  (Read more) AFP

Today's News May 15 2007
EU ministers urge Somalia ceasefire (Read more) AP

Ethiopia seeking Somalia pullout (Read more) AP

Armed men storm UN office in Somalia (Read more) Reuters

Somalia Crisis Worse Than Darfur, Says UN (Read more) Telegraph

Somalia to cooperate with UN rights investigation (Read more) Jurist

UN to Investigate Human Rights Abuses in Somalia (Read more) VOA

Today's News May 14 2007
Live ordnance left in wake of Somalia battles (Read more) Reuters

African Union soldier in Somalia
EU demands end to fighting in Somalia, pledges new humanitarian aid (Read more) DPA

Mogadishu mayor regrets disruption of UN mission by bombs (Read more) IRIN

UN calls for inclusive reconciliation talks in Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

[David Ignatius] Ethiopians stuck in Somalia (Read more) Washington Post

Ethiopian troops to pull out of Somalia (Read more) AFP

Somalis threaten to kill aid workers (Read more) Reuters

Somalia bombings: Holmes cancels plans (Read more) AFP

Somalia clan fighting kills at least 10 (Read more) Reuters

Somalia and Black America (Read more) michigancitizen

Somalia urged to allow aid (Read more) AP

War-fighting and nation-building in Somalia (Read more) indysta

The Somalia Media Center  divided a contribute to the patients in Madina Hospital (Read more) SMC

Today's News May 13 2007
Mogadishu blast kills 3 as top UN official visits (Read more) Reuters

African Union soldier in Somalia
Bomb blast mars UN Somalia visit (Read more) BBC

U.N. Official Asks Somalia to Allow Aid (Read more) AP

Today's News May 12 2007
Nations must help stabilize Somalia (Read more) kansascity

UN humanitarian chief visits Somali capital (Read more) AFP

Aid Organization: 2 Workers Kidnapped in Somalia Are Safe (Read more) VOA

Today's News May 11 2007
UNHCR Expands Aid to People in Somalia (Read more) VOA

               Somali school children resume their classes 02 May 2007 in the wake of recent fighting in Mogadishu. At the Hamar boarding school in the capital, out of the 1,447 boys and 776 girls signed up before the school's month-long closure, only 700 have returned.               Photo:Shablle /AFP
Determined Mogadishu children return to school (Read more) AFP

AU member states urged to reinforce Somalia mission (Read more) Reuters

Somalia too tough for al Qaeda? (Read more) examiner

Habibo Muhammad: "No one could survive Mogadishu" (Read more) IRIN

Attack on Government Convoy Kills 2 Civilians in Somalia (Read more) VOA

Two aid workers captured in northern Somalia (Read more) AFP

Kenya faults deployment of foreign troops in Somalia (Read more) guardiannewsngr

Ugandan Africa Union peacekeepers patrol the international sea Port in Mogadishu, 8 May 2007. The port is the lifeline of a city battered by 16 years of civil war - food is brought in this way, and so is all the fuel needed for vehicles and the generators which are the only source of electricity here.(AFP/STR/File)
Peacekeepers keep watch on Mogadishu's lifeline, its port (Read more) AFP

Today's News May 10 2007
Uganda: Country Praised On Somalia Mission (Read more) New Vision

Somalia: AU Mission in Balance (Read more) The Monitor

Weapons Seized During Raid in Somalia (Read more) AP

Uganda: Parliament Worried Somalia Mission (Read more) New Vision

Reconciliation only hope for Somalia, says Tuju (Read more) KBC

A Somali woman in a niqab
Somalia forces veil ban (Read more) Iol

Somalia police destroy shops to boost security (Read more) AP

Today's News May 9 2007
Ali Maslah and wife Sahra
Refugee cab driver is stabbed to death (Read more) thisislondon

Red Cross boosts aid for conflict victims in Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Somaliland is an overlooked African success story (Read more) IHT

Today's News May 8 2007
Red Cross: Somalia needs $15 million (Read more) AP

No new AU troops for Somalia (Read more) Sapa

Renegade Somali leaders call for united rebellion against Ethiopia (Read more) AFP

Somalia war fuelling refugee crisis (Read more) Aljazeera

AU Delays Funding Mission (Read more) New Vision

U.S. sees terrorism in Somalia; Minn. Somalis see it differently (Read more) AP

African Union (AU) peacekeeprs patrol Mogadishu in April 2007. The AU has announced that it will send an extra 8,000 peacekeepers to Somalia but said dialogue remained the only solution to the bloody conflict in that country.(AFP/File)
African Union to send 8,000 troops to Somalia (Read more) AFP

Ugandan troops recover arms in volatile Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Today's News May 7 2007
Bintow Hassan, "I don't see any future here" (Read more) IRIN

More AU troops heading for Somalia (Read more) Iol

               Africa Union AU soldiers walk by a Somali police woman outside Madina hospital in Mogadishu, 05 May 2007.  The Somali government is seeking to quickly deploy more security officers onto the streets of Mogadishu after having taken control of the capital with the help of the Ethiopian army late last month.                  Photo:/AFP
Somalia offers quick training to recruit much-needed police (Read more) AFP

Clans and crisis in Somalia (Read more) commentisfree

Today's News May 6 2007
Somalia boosts security amid public scepticism (Read more) AFP

The Other (Hidden) War for Oil (Read more) urukne

The Kenyan Government must respect the rights of Somali refugees under international law (Read more) SMC

Guantanamo inmate says he 'only fought Ethiopians (Read more) Herald Sun

Germany to provide additional $2 mil aid to Somalia (Read more) dpa

Today's News May 5 2007

A Flawed Chatham House Report on Somalia (Read more) TheConservativeVoice

Foreign Boats Seized in Somalia (Read more) VOA

New mayor of Mogadishu calls for residents to disarm (Read more) AP

Germany gives 1.5 million euros to Somalia (Read more) DW

Today's News May 4 2007
mathaba -
Press Plays 9/11 Card to Justify Somalia Slaughte (Read more) mathaba

Three fishing vessels hijacked in Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Darfur And Somalia - Two Peace Efforts, Different Strokes (Read more) The Nation

Concern continues work in Somalia (Read more) AlertNet

Going Without a Byline (Read more) IPS

Getting Ethiopia out of Somalia (Read more) Iht

Today's News May 3 2007

Mogadishu mayor vows to hit terrorists (Read more) AP

African Union Peacekeepers Take Up Duties in Somalia (Read more) VOA

Today's News May 2 2007
Italy airlifts aid to Somalia for distribution by UNHCR to thousands of displaced (Read more) Reuters

Mozambique will not deploy troops to Somalia (Read more) Reuters

Violence Unlikely to End in Somalia (Read more) ohmynew

Getting Ethiopia out of Somalia (Read more) Boston

Kenya denied Somalia refugees (Read more) AP

Somalia's Government Urging People to Return to Capital (Read more) VOA

AU troops patrol battle-scarred Somali capital (Read more) AFP

Today's News May 1 2007

Uganda commander: no Somalia victory yet (Read more) The news tribune

Rising Somalia Civilian Deaths Deplored (Read more) UN

Despite Lull in Fighting, Stability Looks Remote (Read more) IPS

UN Council wants peacekeeping plans for Somalia (Read more) Reuters

Mogadishu residents return to shattered homes (Read more) AFP

Mogadishu battle not yet won, AU commander warns (Read more) AFP

How the war in Somalia could spread (Read more) thestar

Looting troops prey on Somalia's refugees (Read more) The Observer

Today's News Apr 29 2007
Ethiopia finds itself trapped in Somalia (Read more) knoxnewsr

Islamic insurgents regroup and vow to 'fight to the death' for Somalia (Read more) news.scotsman

African Union Says Peacekeepers Urgently Needed in Somalia (Read more) AP

Somalia says Islamists defeated (Read more) news

Battles rage in Somalia (Read more) keralanext

Today's News Apr 28 2007

Qaradawi slams US proxy war in Somalia (Read more) Peninsula

Egypt aids Sudan, Somalia (Read more) ameinfo

AU commissioner calls for urgent deployment in volatile Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Somalia capital peaceful; government says rebels routed (Read more) AP

Al-Qaida Ties Seen for Somali Islamists (Read more) AP

Today's News Apr 27 2007
Guns quiet in Somalia, but for how long? (Read more) AP

Secretary-General calls for world’s assistance to bring stability to Somalia (Read more) UN

Arab League, Egypt calls for immediate cease fire in Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Somali Transitional Government President, Abdullahi Yusuf speaks in Mogadishu, Somalia Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007. Second from left is Vice prime minister Hussein Aidid and second right is prime minister Ali Mohamed Gedi. (AP Photo)
Somalia PM claims victory over Islamic insurgents (Read more) AP

Mogadishu becoming "ghost city" (Read more) Reuters

Today's News Apr 26 2007
Somali insurgents shoot an unidentified man, whom they suspected is a spy for the government and Ethiopian troops, near their stronghold in northern Mogadishu, April 24, 2007. REUTERS/Shabelle Media
Ethiopian-Somali troops step up offensive on rebels (Read more) Reuters

British think-tank blasts Ethiopia, US over Somalia (Read more) AFP

Somali refuge seeker sits on the beach along the coast of the southern Yemeni town of Ahrwar, April 2007. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah
Somalia's burning - does anyone care? (Read more) AlertNet

Insurgents prepare a mortar to launch against government and Ethiopian positions south of the Somali capital Mogadishu (Photo: AAP)
65 die in Somalia fighting (Read more) AFP

US calls for African peacekeeping force in Somalia (Read more) ANTARA

Somalians caught in crossfire (Read more) news24

Somalia now world’s most dangerous place for aid workers, says UN official (Read more) keralanext

Press Release: The Standing Committee for the Somali Crisis (SCSC) (Read more) SMC

Aid held up as battles plunge Somalia into crisis (Read more) AP 

Today's News Apr 24 2007
Fighting continues in Somalia (Read more) news2 

Car bomb, suicide attack shake Somalia after week-long violence (Read more) dpa 

Fighting Rages for Sixth Day in Somalia (Read more) AP 

UN chief urges end to fighting in Somalia (Read more) ANTARA

US Hits Eritrean Role in Somalia Fighting (Read more) VOA

EU: Council Conclusions on Somalia (Read more) SMC

EU demands end to fighting in Somalia, backs AU mission (Read more) dpa

Rights Groups Condemn Recent Media Attacks In Somalia (Read more) VOA

Today's News Apr 23 2007
Over 200 Killed in Somalia Fighting (Read more) VOA

Corpses rot on streets as Somalia battle rages (Read more) Agencies

Civilians flee Somali fighting (Read more) AFP

Somali death toll rises to 212 (Read more) AP

Somalian government tells Mogadishu residents to flee (Read more) iht

Eritrea exits African bloc over Somalia dispute (Read more) Reuters

CHRONOLOGY-Chaos in Somalia (Read more) Reuters

Today's News Apr 22 2007
Fighting enters fifth day in Mogadishu (Read more) AFP

Somalia street fighting called the worst in years (Read more) Seattletime

AP Photo
52 killed in clashes in Somali capital (Read more) AP

Hussein Aidiid

Old's News
Somalia May Need 'Coalition of The Willing' Says Ban (Read more) Reuters

Somalia chaos deepens; death toll soars (Read more) Agencies 

U.N. Chief Urges End to Somalia Fighting (Read more) AP 

113 civilians killed in 3 days of heavy fighting in Somalia, group says (Read more) AP 

Ethiopia: The two leaders discussed next step in Somalia (Read more) Han 

Some 213,000 Somalis have fled Mogadishu (Read more) AFP 

Navy Admiral defended Ethiopia's cooperation in the U.S. war on terrorism (Read more) Han 

Islamist attacks back on the rise in Somalia (Read more) channel4 

UN warns of humanitarian crisis in Somalia (Read more) dw-worl

Somalia fighting kills at least 12 (Read more) AP 

Violence leaves 14 dead in Somalia (Read more) Press tv 

Somalia transitional government fires former speaker, 29 others (Read more) JURIST 

Mogadishu warlord promoted to chief of police (Read more) Garowe 

Leave Somalia or face all-out war, Ethiopia told (Read more) AFP 

Do Nothing And Hope For The Best (Read more) strategypage 

Situation in Somalia Worsening Due to External Interference - Eritrean Delegation (Read more) 

Eight Head with Ancestor Energy: Somali Library Benefit (Read more) theceda

Help thousands displaced, civil society urges aid agencies (Read more) IRIN 

11 killed in Somalia fighting (Read more) AP 

Somali capital rocked by renewed clashes, seven killed (Read more) AFP 

Somali Parliament fires 30 lawmakers for absenteeism (Read more) AP  

Scores of Ethiopian troops flee Somalia to Yemen: report (Read more) dpa  

Kenya faces international outcry over mass transfer of "terrorists" to Ethiopia (Read more) Ethiounited  

Make-or-break peace talks in Somalia (Read more) Nationmedia

Two held in Kadra assault
(Read more) Aftenposten

Islamic leader says Al-Qaeda does not exist in Somalia (Read more) AP  

H.H. Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, and H.E Mohamud Musse Hersi, President of the Puntland State of Somalia, signing bilateral economic agreements at the Al Dhait Palace in Ras Al Khaimah.
RAK and Puntland State of Somalia sign agreements to boost bilateral cooperation (Read more)

Somalia peace conference delayed again as mortars, gunfire rock Mogadishu (Read more) AP  

Eritrea, Ethiopia Enmity Threatens East African Bloc (Read more) Standard  

Somalia: Ethiopia accused of "genocide" (Read more) AP  

Two Eritrean journalists captured in Somalia held with “foreign fighters” (Read more) Asmarino

Igad endorses Somalia transitional government
(Read more) Standard  

Gunmen ambush Somali troops in Mogadishu, killing 2 (Read more) AP  

Somali courts leader says to target peacekeepers (Read more) Reuters  

Bush's War On Somalia
(Read more) indymedia

Kenya to mediate between Eritrea , Ethiopia, Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Nigeria delays deployment of peacekeepers to Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Pregnant teen tells of Kenya arrest by Americans (Read more) Svenska Dagbladet

African Union calls for inclusive talks in Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

UN envoy calls for political solution to conflict in Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

UN begins airlifts of relief supplies to Somalia (Read more) Xinhua

Somalia gunfight claims civilians ( Read more) Aljazeera

Somali, Ethiopian and Eritrean officials trade accusations on Somalia's conflict (Read more) AP

As Fighting in Somalia Intensifies, UN Official Voices Concern for Civilians (Read more) newsblaze

At least 18 killed in interclan fighting in Somalia (Read more) AFP

US Sees Benefits in Abgal Clan and Ethiopian Deal (Read more) Han

''Somalia Seized with Stasis'' (Read more) Print

Museveni Responding to Isolation With Somalia (Read more) Monitor

4 killed in clashes in Somalia (Read more) AFP

Ethiopia Denies Its Soldiers Targeted Civilians in Somalia (Read more) VOA

TV Crew Arrested By Order of Presidential Official; Ministry Bans 'Unauthorised' Conferences, Lectures And Public Events (Read more) RSF

Somalia: Preparing for a major offensive (Read more) ISN

Clashes in Somalia shatter ceasefire
(Read more) Rte

Somalia: 'The world's hidden shame'
(Read more) Alertnet

U.S.-Made Mess in Somalia (Read more) informationliberation

Igad appeals for support to deploy troops (Read more) standard

Eritrea proxy Islamist war against Ethiopia (Read more) Han

The Fear and terror War will Resume in Somalia (Read more) Han

More than 1,000 killed in Somalia fighting, group says (Read more) AP

Mogadishu clan fears to break relative calm (Read more) AP

Islamists Have No Plan to Return to Power, Says Ex-Minister (Read more) The Nation

Another Side to the Army's Mission in Somalia (Read more) The Monitor

Somalia 'becoming another Iraq' (Read more) SA

Eritrea Denies Supporting Somalia Insurgents (Read more) VOA

Press release: War Puntland and Soomaaliland (Read more) SMC

Entrepreneurs - Making Good in Somalia (Read more) The Reporter

Eritrea linked to Somalia conflict (Read more) Guardian

The West Now Takes Keen Interest in Peace for Somalia (Read more) The Nation

Somalia: renewed conflict (Read more) globalvoicesonline

               People flee Somalia's capital Mogadishu on 06 April 2007. The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has reveaaled that around 124,000 people have fled Mogadishu in the past two months as violence escalates in the war-torn capital.                 Photo:Mustafa Abdi/AFP
About 124,000 people flee fighting in Somali capital: UN (Read more) AFP

Museveni, Afewerki to Pacify Somalia (Read more) Monito

Burundi: Rethinking the Country's Participation in Somalia's Quagmire (Read more) AllAfrica

Somalia to Receive Holy Thursday Collection (Read more) Zenit

381die in Mogadishu in four days of fighting (Read more) AP

Eritrea, Uganda discuss Somalia (Read more) AFP

UN says 47 000 Somalis flee violence in capital (Read more) Reuters  

ISU professor discusses Somalia, Islam at Global Review (Read more) Daily Vidette   

Factions Ignoring Truce in Somalia (Read more) AP

Guns silent in Mogadishu, hundreds thought dead (Read more) Reuters  

Ethiopian forces in Somalia (file picture)
Extra troops enter Somali battle (Read more) BBC  

Mortar bombs rain down in Mogadishu fight (Read more) correspondents in Mogadishu

Bodies Pile Up In Somalia Crackdown (Read more) Living It  

Truce Fails to Stop Somali Fighting (Read more) AP

Fighting rocks Somali capital, Ugandan peacekeeper killed (Read more) AFP

Islamist Fighters Downed Belarus Plane in Somalia
(Read more) AP

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has no wish for martyrdom and...
U.S. used bases in Ethiopia to hunt Al Qaeda in Africa (Read more) International Herald

Soldiers guard artillery captured from the Union...
Somali gunmen attack Mogadishu's airport (Read more) AFP

Soldiers guard artillery captured from the Union...
Somali president says reconciliation meeting soon as step towards peace, democracy (Read more) AP

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