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Press Release on Somalia/US Relations

Isniin 2 July 2012 SMC

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Washington, DC. (June 30, 2012)— Almost two decades after the sad episode of the Somalia/US relations and the subsequent policy that kept the relationship of these two countries in limbo, fresh wind of positive change is in the air.

As the Republic of Somalia is celebrating its 52nd independence day on July 1st, the US State Department has issued a statement that signals a change of approach, if not policy, toward Somalia- a state that was dealt with as a non-state political entity. 

“Over the past year, progress has been made toward stability in Somalia.  The Transitional Federal Government and Somalia’s regional governments helped mitigate the effects of drought and famine, improve security and access to assistance for Somalis displaced by the drought and al Shabaab’s violence, and made real political progress to conclude the transitional process," said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a statement.

Secretary Clinton went on to express her government's pleasure with "...the ongoing efforts by the Somali National Security Forces and the African Union Mission in Somalia, Mogadishu and its surrounding areas are largely free from al-Shabaab, and its influence in southern and central Somalia is waning."

The statement also underscores that Somalia has "...a dedicated partner in the people of the United States."   The statement ensured in no uncertain terms that the US " for Somalia and the Somali people will continue beyond the end of the transition." And that the US will "...stand with the people of Somalia on (its) path toward peace, stability, prosperity."

"Both in content and timing, Secretary Clinton's statement is a diplomatic milestone that goes beyond customary congratulations.  It comes at a time when a considerable progress has been made in the security front, when the transitional period is coming to an end, and when Somalia is reclaiming its sovereignty. We welcome this positive statement from one of Somalia's most important allays." Said, Abukar Arman, Somalia Special Envoy to the United States. 

Amina Ayub
The Somali Diplomatic Mission
1425 K Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20005

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