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Telephonic Conference Call with Assistant Secretary Carson

Nairobi Khamiis 10 May 2012 SMC

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Telephonic Conference Call with Assistant Secretary Carson

On Wednesday, May 16th, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson will brief journalists across the continent on U.S. policy to the region.  Ambassador Carson will address a wide range of topics related to U.S. engagement on the continent, including recent developments in Sudan and South Sudan, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Nigeria; discuss the ongoing U.S. commitment to democracy, stabilization, trade and economic development in Africa; and he will be available to answer questions regarding U.S. policy across the continent.

The Public Affairs Section and the Somalia Unit of the American Embassy in Nairobi invites you join this call; either from the embassy, or to participate individually via the dial-in conference call number below. 

Please RSVP with names and affiliations to the following addresses by;, and by COB on Monday, May 14th.


Event:                                   On-the Record Telephonic Conference Call with Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Johnnie Carson

The briefing will be conducted in English. 

Date:                                     Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time:                                     9:30 EDT | 13:30 GMT |14:30 West Africa | 15:30 Central and Southern Africa |16:30 East Africa Time

Dial-in Information:         International:  +1-517-308-9458

US (Domestic):  1-800-369-1183

Verbal Pass Code:            “Africa”

Follow-up:                          An mp3 will be made available by the AF Media Hub after the event.  A transcript and podcast will be available the following day.

Bio:                                        See below

RSVP:                                    To;, and by COB on Monday, May 14thth.


Johnnie Carson, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs:

Ambassador Johnnie Carson was sworn in as Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of African Affairs, on May 7, 2009. Prior to this he was the National Intelligence Officer for Africa at the NIC, after serving as the Senior Vice President of the National Defense University in Washington D.C. (2003-2006).

Carson's 37-year Foreign Service career includes ambassadorships to Kenya (1999-2003), Zimbabwe (1995-1997), and Uganda (1991-1994); and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs (1997-1999). Earlier in his career he had assignments in Portugal (1982-1986), Botswana (1986-1990), Mozambique (1975-1978), and Nigeria (1969-1971). He has also served as desk officer in the Africa section at State's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (1971-1974); Staff Officer for the Secretary of State (1978-1979), and Staff Director for the Africa Subcommittee of the US House of Representatives (1979-1982).

Before joining the Foreign Service, Ambassador Carson was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania from 1965-1968. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from Drake University and a Master of Arts in International Relations from the School of Oriental and Africa Studies at the University of London.

Ambassador Carson is the recipient of several Superior Honor Awards from the Department of State and a Meritorious Service Award from Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The Centers for Disease Control presented Ambassador Carson its highest award, "Champion of Prevention Award," for his leadership in directing the U.S. Government's HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in Kenya.


·         Please dial-in to the conference call 10-15 minutes early.

·         When an individual journalist dials-in, the operator will collect the caller’s name, press affiliation, and location. 

·         When an embassy dials in, the operator will NOT ask the embassy coordinator for the names of every journalist at the participating embassy, but only the embassy’s name and location.

·         A/S Carson will give brief opening remarks.

·         The moderator will facilitate the Q and A among the connected callers.  Journalists on the conference call will be instructed to push the “star” and “one” buttons on their phones in order to enter the question queue.  NOTE:  You can press star one at any time during the call to join the question queue, even before the moderator begins the Q and A portion of the call.  We ask that journalists limit themselves to one question only for each time they press “star” and “one”.  Participants may press “star” and “one” more than once should they wish to ask more than one question.  We will have visibility of embassies and the individual journalists who have entered the queue.

·         The moderator will then announce the location of each questioner.  The questioner should state his/her name and affiliation before asking the question.

·         Near the end of the allotted time, the moderator will announce the last question.  At the end of the final answer, the operator will announce the conclusion of the conference call.


Matt Goshko

Public Affairs Officer | Somalia Affairs Unit | U.S. Embassy, Nairobi 

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