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Army training in Southern Somalia for war preparation

Somaliweyn Media Center (SMC) The defeated so called collision of Jubba valley alliance, JVA, in Somalia said to have started a military training for some 1, 300 Ahlu Suna Wal Jama’a clerics in Bardhere of southern Somalia region of Gedo, where the JVA, led by the defense minister of Somli interim government based.

Ahlus Suna clerics in Mogadishu denied the existence of such training, saying it is baseless claims.

The commander of JVA militias Col. Abdullahi Sheikh Ismai’il  Faratag confirmed the existence of such army training aimed at fighting with what he

said foreigners in the horn of African country.

“On November 5, the defense minister unlocked the training for some seven hundred Ahlu Suna clerics in station 46 of Bar-Dhere” Col. Faratag said an interview with Mogadishu’s Simba Media Center FM station.

Col. Faratag said the accounts now is up to 1,300, because they are increasing day in day out, adding that he is expecting more newcomers for the training, witch due to be continued unidentified period.

“They are volunteers attending to defend their territory from the invasion of foreigners alongside the Islamic courts” Faratag said.

Col. Faratag said after locking the training the forces of Ahlu Suna alongside the former Jubba Valley alliance will attack on Jubba regions to retake from the Islamists those he accused of bringing the country foreign fighters.

“We have and information about that they are intending to attack us but we repel them” he said referring to rumors that Islamic courts in Somalia have had their secret plan to invade Gedo region in southern Somalia.

Islamists emphatically denied such claims.

Source: SMC

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